The Ethnographic Museum - Ochla

In Ochla ( Zielona Góra Commune ) there is the vigorously functioning Ethnographic Museum in Zielona Góra, commonly known as ‘the open-air skansen’.

On the 13 hectares one can see various types of country buildings (the oldest ones dating from the 17th c.) with their fully-furnished interiors. The Museum organizes interesting presentations reviving the way our ancestors used to celebrate the grain harvest festival as well as grape and honey harvests. Folk artists demonstrate the hand-made methods of butter making, linen spinning, hand-made grain harvest, bread making, honey harvest, or the production of propolis and beeswax goods. Annual events held by the Museum include: the Easter fair ‘Kaziuki’,the horse market, ‘the Festival of Honey, Bread, Wine and Gardens’ and the wine harvest festival.

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Harvesting at the Ethnographic Museum in Ochla. Coming back to traditions

Horse-drawn carriage competition in the Skansen

The Ethnographic Museum in Zielona Góra, located in Ochla (Zielona Góra Commune), commonly known as ‘the Skansen’

Zielona Góra Commune

Zielona Góra County like a crescent roll surrounds the town of Zielona Góra from three sides. Forests constitute one third of its total area; therefore it offers perfect conditions for rest and relaxation in the open.