Babimost Commune

Babimost Commune is a very strong centre of the ethnographic region known as Babimojszczyzna.

Bojadła Commune

Bojadła Commune is one of the smallest in the County. Nevertheless, there are a few interesting monuments to see.

Czerwieńsk Commune

Czerwieńsk Commune can be visited on foot, by bicycle or by kayak.

Kargowa Commune

Not everyone can boast connections with a royal family. In this respect, the Rehabilitation and Health Care Hospital for children in Wojnowo (Kargowa Commune) may feel privileged.

Nowogród Bobrzański Commune

The forests in Nowogród Bobrzański Commune hide the remnants of an ominous past, namely the ruins of one of the biggest arms factories in Europe.

Sulechów Commune

Not many people, except for art historians and the inhabitants of the former Zielonogórskie Voivodship, know that in the small village of Klępsk (Sulechów Commune) one can see a real wonder.

Świdnica Commune

Świdnica Commune is situated in the west part of the County. Nearly the whole area is covered with the picturesque hills of the Zielonogórski Range, on which villages are scattered.

Trzebiechów Commune

Trzebiechów Commune covers the area of 81 km2 and is one of the smallest in Zielona Góra County.

Zabór Commune

Zabór Commune lies in the south-east part of Zielona Góra County, along an old Saxon Trail. It is situated in a picturesque proglacial valley of the Odra River and is characterized by gentle elevations of the ground, pine forests, which cover half of the commune’s area, small lakes and ponds.

Zielona Góra Commune

Zielona Góra County like a crescent roll surrounds the town of Zielona Góra from three sides. Forests constitute one third of its total area; therefore it offers perfect conditions for rest and relaxation in the open.